Pet Obesity

Did you know that 9 out of 10 pets are overweight? Up to a third of the owners doesn’t even realize that their pet is overweight, they think their pet is healthy being fat. They gain weight slowly, you get used to your fur-friend being chubby. Most people only realize their pet is overweight if someone is ‘rude enough’ to point it out.

But why should I worry about my pet’s weight? Is there any issues connected with pet obesity? For sure! An obese pet is more prone to high blood pressure, skin problems, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis… Cats are also prone to lower urinary tract diseases and fatty liver disease. Some serious risks, don’t you think?

Now, why do my pet gain weight? He hardly ever finish a bowl of food… There is a lot of ways for your pet to gain weight. They gain weight just as we do: He might consume too much calories, he might exercise too little, he might eat the wrong food (table food is a real culprit!)… Also, sterilizing your pet decreases their metabolism up to a third! Now they do not need that much food anymore… Medical conditions can also lead to obesity, especially an under-active thyroid. Some medications also lead to weight gain.

OK, so my pet is overweight. What do I do now? There is a range of options, including specific diets and exercises. Every dog is different, so every dog has a unique solution. To get the best advice, bring your fur-friend to us, and we can create a program that will fit you and your pet. We stock a wide range of food that is formulated to help control your pet’s weight.

Speak to one of our vets about weight loss options for your pet