Dog Kennels & Cattery

Sometimes you need to leave home to travel, for business or just a holiday, but in most cases your pets will not be able to go along. The ideal would be to leave your pets with friends or family, but your friends and family also have their own lives, with most likely their own pets, so in most cases you would be stuck without accommodation for your pets while you are gone. This is where Dog Kennels and Catteries come in. They provide safe and secure accommodation for your dogs and cats, in return for a fee.

Our Dog Kennels and Cattery are located at our Akasia vet offices in Pretoria North. As the Kennels are located at the Vet offices, you can be assured of your pet’s safety while you are away, as we offer supervision and 24-hour care, and while we take all reasonable care and precautions, if something should happen to your pets, the vets and support personnel can assist immediately.

Dog Kennels and Cattery Available space

In the Cattery, we have 10 cages, of which one is larger as a family unit. Two cats can be housed per cage, and four in the family unit.

For toy breed / small dogs, we have 4 day cages and 5 night cages (inside). Two dogs can be kept together during the day, but they sleep apart at night. This is for dogs weighing less than 5 kg or for dogs weighing less than 10 kg and over 12 years old.

For larger dogs, we have 18 cages, of which two are family units, each with its own private garden. The normal sized cages can house three dogs of less than 12 kg, or two of between 10 and 20 kg or one of more than 20 kg. In the family cages the dogs must weigh more than 15kg, and they can house four medium breed or two large breed dogs. If one dog is kept on its own in a family unit, the cost is double.

Dog Kennels and Cattery Accommodation Conditions

Dogs must have been vaccinated not more than 12 months ago and not less than two weeks before arrival against Hepatitis, Parvo Virus, Kennel cough and Rabies.

Cats must have been vaccinated not more than 12 months ago and not less than two weeks before arrival against Panleukopaenia,
Rhinotracheitis, Calici viruses, Bordetella bronchiseptica and Rabies.

Tick and flea treatment needs to be up to date, which could be topical treatment with Frontline or similar on the day of arrival.

Akasia Dog Kennels and Cattery

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Dog Kennels and Cattery Address

Plot 75, Sylvia Street

Heatherdale, Akasia, Pretoria