Puppy socialization and dog obedience classes

Puppy Socialization and Basic obedience classes

Research has shown that the ability for puppies to deal with difficult situations is only present for a very short period of time. After 4 months the puppy must learn to deal with the situation on its own, and it becomes learned behavior. If we can present him with these situations at a very early age he has the best coping mechanism possible. The puppy socialization and obedience school is situated on the premises of Mayville animal clinic, and is presented on Saturday mornings. It runs in cycles of 5 weeks where the lessons build on each other. Apart from learning coping mechanisms, the puppies also learn to sit, lie down, stay, wait and come when called. And off course loads and loads of fun. The course ends with an obstacle course where they can show the new found courage. The ultimate is to have a confident dog that will follow you anywhere even into the clinic.

If you missed this vital first 4 months of education or if you have a particular nervous puppy, we also offer teenage classes. That is puppies 4-9 months. This entails more formal training because the puppy now needs to learn certain behaviors – it does not come naturally anymore. The classes take place in clusters of 5 weeks, but they don’t build on each other. You don’t need to wait for a series to start. And if you miss a class, you just catch up again

Socialization school for puppies up to 4 months of age

The puppy socialization school was started 12 years ago and has only grown bigger and bigger. The rationale around puppy school is to utilize the very short “socialization period” that puppies are born with. In a playful way, the puppies learn social skills and confidence. At the same time they will also learn a few basic training skills. The school consists of 5 consecutive lessons that build on each other. At the end of the 5 weeks, they will have visited a dog friendly park, and they will have gone through an obstacle course. But it is not only the puppies that are learning, the owners are constantly being educated about basic health care and also how to spot behavioral problems very early. The owner is given the traing tools to handle the problems even before they start. 

Puppy school for puppies 4-12 months

This is the place to go if your puppy missed the socialization school and you now realize that your puppy is less well behaved. It is also affectionally called the terrible teen class or the hooligans. The classes are more structured and focused around problems that have already presented themselves. It is woven around basic obedience but still in a gentle manner. We work with the positive reward system. As these puppies become more obedient, their confidence grows, and the owner-pet bond is stengthened.