Veterinary services offered at the three branches of Mayville Animal clinic

Veterinary services offered at the three branches of Mayville Animal Clinic

The veterinary services we offer come in many forms, and each is as important as the other. With combined veterinary experience of 28 years our vets are dedicated and caring. Working from our three branches, our veterinary patients mainly come from Pretoria CBD, Pretoria Moot and Pretoria North

Dental clinic

80% of dogs over 3 years suffer from some form of dental disease. It might be just mild gingivitis but it still contributes to teeth decay and toxins released in the bloodstream. In the ideal world we should be brushing our pets’ teeth twice daily. But we are not in a ideal world and it hardly ever happens. Bones definitely don’t clean teeth and is a source of other problems. Prophylactic dental work is very important. Look at your dogs teeth monthly and if you see a tartar build up or red gums, rather bring the pet in for a FREE dental quote. Depending on the breed and food, a thorough dental scaling and polishing needs to be done roughly every 2 years. At Mayville Animal clinic we have a quality tooth scaler and polisher – same as your dentist. Work needs to be done under general anaesthetic and the whole time fluids run into the vein to keep the patient hydrated. We also have a special body warmer to keep small pets warm during the procedure. We have all the specialised equipment to deal with difficult tooth extractions.


We believe in quality work because we care. The operating theatre at Mayville Animal Clinic is of the same quality that you would find in a small human hospital, maybe even better. We work with gas anaesthetic because it is safer. The animal’s vitals gets monitored by spesialised equipment. The equipment is sterilised and like a human doctor we wear theatre gowns, hats and gloves. We are equipped to do intricate orthopedic work and love the challenges that gets thrown to us by the unexpected bite wounds.

X Ray machine and developer

To assist our diagnostics we have a powerful X ray machine and state of the art digital developer. If we are in doubt and need a second opinion, we can send the radiographic images to experts via the internet and be assisted in that way.


Believing in a holistic approach we have added the futuristic light or “low level laser” Photizo treatment to our treatment protocol – we have been using it for 10 years now. The main aim is to assist in pain control and to improve healing. The best candidates are trauma patients – bite wound patients and pets involved in car accidents. The main benefits that we have found is that the patients are in hospital for a shorter period of time and the whole healing process is faster.

Preventative care

At Mayville animal clinic we focus on preventative care. We try to save you money with primary care veterinary services. Many diseases can be prevented with vaccinations and tick control. Sterilisation not only prevent unwanted litters but also prevent the urge to roam in the streets. Fleas is a huge cause of allergies and by controlling the flea load you can assist in skin health. A Special prescription diet will also keep your pet in tip top shape and take care of the teeth and bones.




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