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Vet in Pretoria – Welcome to Mayville Animal Clinic

Mayville Animal Clinic is a Vet in Pretoria that opened its doors in 1988. It has been serving the pets of the Pretoria North and Moot area for 27 years. It is located just north of Pretoria CBD in Paul Kruger street. The location in Paul Kruger street is central to the moot, western and northern suburbs. Recently we also brought two other veterinary practices into the fold, and we now provide veterinary services and animal care to clients from the Akasia Animal Clinic and Proes Street Vet as well. With combined veterinary experience of 28 years our vets are dedicated and caring.

Your Vet in Pretoria, providing these services:

Veterinary Services

Our well-equipped theater is used regularly in veterinary procedures like sterilisations or emergency medical treatments or orthopedic work, and gas anaesthetic is used to guarantee a painless experience for your pet. We also have access to a tooth scaler and polisher for dental work to combat dental disease and can also handle difficult tooth extractions. For assistance with diagnostics, we have access to an X-Ray machine and digital developer. To assist with wound healing and pain control, we routinely use Photizo light therapy. Further, we also promote preventative treatments like regular vaccinations and tick and flea control. More details here

Pet Parlour

Bring your pet to the Mayville Pet Parlour for professional grooming and shaving by our team of groomers that have several years of experience between them. Your pet will be under full supervision and care the whole time it is here, and sedatives can be administered by a vet to help reduce stress. Our groomers are able to handle cats, small dogs and even bigger dogs, and we specialise in breed-specific grooming. Our services include a warm bath, blow drying, breed specific styles, ear cleaning, nail clipping and even expression of anal glands if required. Click for more details

Puppy Socialization and Obedience classes

In order for your dog to be well adapted and confident, it needs to be exposed to experiences and situations so it can learn how to handle them in a safe and secure environment. Our Puppy Socialization classes are held on Saturday mornings and run over five weeks in which your puppy is exposed to other puppies and situations and encouraged to learn coping mechanisms. Along with this your puppy will also learn basic obedience. We also have more advanced puppy classes from 4 to 12 months to teach puppies to be obedient and more confident. See more

Dog Kennels and Cattery

The Dog Kennels and Cattery are located at Akasia Animal Clinic, and are ideal for keeping your pet safe and secure while you are away for business or on holiday. We cater for cats and both small and big dogs. See more details

Pet Products, Cat food and Dog food

We keep limited stock of dog and cat food at all our branches, with brands like Vets Choice, Royal Canin, Hill’s, Iams, Eukanuba, Ultra Dog and Vets Brands. We also keep some stock of vet products like flea and tick treatments, shampoos, skin conditioners, vitamins and additives, toys, leads and collars. This is sufficient for the casual vet customers that like to buy small quantities of pet food and products at a vet. However, we have also have an agreement with ePetstore where they provide a fully stocked Online store with a wide variety of pet products to choose from. Please quote code “MAY1” when buying from ePetstore. Visit the Online Store

We stock the following pet food brands: